Are you into textile business? Do you have an exhibition coming up and you are all geared up for the event? Well, a good start happens only when you are well prepared for the event. And for an attractive exhibition booth, a good exhibition stand is necessary.

Most of all what counts more is your body language, visitors coming from across will not be able to hear but will see what how you portray yourself. Slouching or huddling with colleagues is something which is not at all liked by the visitors. Put on a smile and greet your visitors in a humble way to your stand.

Sometimes your appearance makes it all like a win- win situation. Yes, your dressing sense or your dress code, will surely let the visitors decide to opt for the product of your company or not. And also dressing in similar way can make you look like a good team work. This will give an impression of how good a team work can be.

Allowing plenty of time to adjust your things at the exhibition and to set up your stand with all requirements provided including all the last-minute touches to be made.

Cleanliness also leaves a remark; make sure you give them a good impression of yourself and your brand as you are presenting it. You should never be untidy with your presence nor with your surroundings as this will make people judge you over your work.

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Going forward with the event, you should never be pushy, which means that you should not go on initiating your visitors because this will give them negative impression about you. Visitors keep giving signals and you should know how your manners must be with the clients. If they do not wish to talk or seek for information, then, it is better to bid them goodbye with a warm smile.

You can even make notes of the visitors you meet, this will help fetch you more customers and increase your sales.

You can also distribute pamphlets or brochures in different schools and colleges to increase your sales and have a name in one of the brands.


You should keep in mind what kind of short conclusion you would like to make at the end of your exhibition stands or displays. Talk to theĀ textile company events organizers. You should be keen in getting feedback after every exhibition regarding your booth or stands. This will not only make you correct your mistakes but also make you learn out of them. As learning is an ongoing process in life, one should be a quick learner to have many better outcomes in such exhibitions. Feedbacks can not only welcomed by the visitors or clients but also from the designers, contractors, agents or any promotional companies. This will guide you to have proper sales and build a healthy customer to business relationship. You can create your own website and post on the recent activities or updates regarding your company and your products. This will bring you happier customers from all around the globe.