ConSASS audit, the Construction Safety Audit Scoring System is a tool for audit that provides assessment for the safety and health management system at a workplace. It provides an outline of the development and maturity status of every component of a workplace’s safety management system. This assists the management of the company to scatter the resource and to improve the standard, and effectiveness of managing the safety and health risks at a workplace.

#Benefits of ConSASS For the construction company:-

It brings loads of benefits to the construction companies. It gives a clear and concise idea of the development status of various factors in the process of safety and health risk management systems at a worksite.

It also gives the visualization of the improvements and effectiveness of this safety management authority. It encourages the management of safety and health risks. And to create proper management at worksites. There are over 1500 companies that have benefited from this audit service.

#How can CISS help you with the ConSASS audit?

CISS has a very huge team with experienced auditors and that will benefit by adding value to the system of your company. You can get impressive audits from experts and experienced auditors who believe in assisting the clients to identify the mistakes and the gaps and to correct them. If you are a construction company and want the best service you can contact them with the details given on their official website.

#When to do the ConSASS audit?

A workplace that has a contract sum of about $30 million or above is expected to elect a certified and independent external auditing organisation. It has to audit the SHMS carried out in a workplace at least one time every six months.

consass audit

#Audit Methodology:-

There are several methods of doing an audit:-

  • Prepare Audit.
  • Then conduct an opening meeting.
  • Check out the worksite and familiarize it.
  • Have a wide communication during the audit process.
  • Gather and analyze the information.
  • Recheck the documents and records.
  • Take a physical inspection of the worksite.
  • Take an important interview of the Key Personnel.
  • Prepare the audit conclusion based on the information.
  • Conduct the close meetings.
  • Prepare the audit report and them submit it to the head department.

ConSASS audit can also be used as an assessment tool for the cross-checking of the effectiveness of managing the safety and health care at a worksite.