The organization is th key to simplicity. Most of the things a person owns in their lifetime have a certain validity, significance, and importance in a person’s life. Depending on the importance of these things in a person’s life, they have assorted luggage and bags to handle them. A person can’t travel without these bags and wallets. Even if someone travels less, they would still require a container or a pouch to store their valuable materials. It is tough to find good quality and long-lasting wallets that would fit in every garment. Customised Pouch Singapore has finely stitched purses, and wallets are becoming popular because of their supreme quality.

What are the exclusive features of this pouch?

Most multi-utility bags and purses have several features and use. These customized pouches are from the famous brand “The Imprint,” made of pure quality vegan leather, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. The best part about customization is that one can edit the logo and put up a monogram of themselves with their desired fonts with the preferred metal of either Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold.

They also offer discounts on the number of articles/objects you buy from their website. It has five compartments inside the person and can easily fit a phone of 6.1 inches. This can hold almost all of your required items as it’s very spacious and expandable as there are no zips inside the compartments. No zip compartments are better as fewer zips are tearing out or going out of order. The vegan leather surface is also tears and scratch-free, making it for long-term use.

Does it come in only one size and shape?

No, “The Imprint” has a variety of shapes and sizes according to one’s needs and preferences. There are purses and wallets of different designs that won’t just look unique, but stylish too-such designs would easily stand out. These customized pouch Singapore is quite famous in the markets over there and almost highly recommended by everyone living there.


These purses and wallets are a great gifting option for your loved ones. These are unisex products as they can be used by any gender and by people from any age group; they would still look great. There are purses in their collection attached to phone cases, making it easy to carry both the objects and making them even more useful. Everything one needs in a purse is here.