Most people believe that almost all punching pouches are doing the same stuff. Although they are frequently amazed to realize that there have been multiple kinds that lead to different results. They are among the most effective tools for your instruction, and you should select one that is a better match for your personality and targets. However, Fight Gear Direct’s punching bags are classified the various types. Whenever it comes to outfitting your instructional area with a backpack that would help users get the task done, these would result in an effective path.

Muay Thai Punching Bags:

If Muay Thai seems to be your element, the Fairtex Punching Bag HB7 7ft Intense Responsibility seems to be a Muay Thai punchbag that they suggest. Its layout is flat, allowing users to work the whacks. Unlike most other punchbags, the bag’s configuration and mass maintain it from twirling too much, allowing you to concentrate on constructing your kicking strength.

You could also rehearse punches somewhat on the pack, and it might be too bulky to help you improve your boxing ability. Continue reading to find out what they suggest if perfecting your punches as well as boxing methods is your top priority.

Fight Gear Direct's punching bags

For Boxing:

The ‘Fairtex Intense Punchbag – 6ft ‘Banana’ (HB6)’ seems to be a superb boxing backpack. The ‘Banana’ pack is lightweight and keeps moving around much more openly than its cousin, this same Heavy Equipment punchbag. This pouch is excellent for honing overall boxing ability.

These two backpacks have a ‘tear drop’ layout and hold much greater off the floor, trying to work the pack’s bottom even more. This would enable you to incorporate uppercuts into your regimen and combinations.

For MMA:

So if individuals want to improve the MMA by combining their grappling as well as striking skills. Every one of the punchbags listed above is excellent for improving your remarkable technique. The ‘Fairtex Intense Punchbag – 6ft ‘Banana’ (HB6)’ noted above is a wonderful MMA punchbag to use for surface work. Put it on the floor and get to function! Drill around that one, try different combinations and collaborate your forearms.

They also suggest the Extra large ‘BOB’ Punchbag Complimentary Standing. It is great because it provides you a human target to collaborate your combinations on while also allowing you to come to grips with it.


Fight Gear Direct’s punching bags are the best. Every rigor has its punchbag. Before you engage in a punchbag to supplement your coaching, consider how you would like to grow as a sportsperson. They’re always here to offer assistance whenever you need it! They have punchbags according to different sports. So if you’re into the above-mentioned practices, then contact them for your punching bags.