The Amazing Container For Your Shipping & Workplace | Australia Wide

A truck transporter in Australia that has a large container provides by getting a new and used variety of containers for sales, moderation, and deploying. As a major supplier that supplies to the transit, such as the resources, constructions, defense, and other chemical storage businesses in Australia. The SCF handles thousands of containers to depot network spanning through the city, such as Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, which allows for local support in the country.


SCF containers have a wide range of products that design and develop customised containers.

They also have the longest containers in the 30 years in suppliers due to their high-quality products transported quickly, efficiently, and safely. However, here are some of their SCF containers range, such as:

  • Site Shed

At SCF, you can create sheds for construction sites, warehouses, and more. They provide an extensive of services for Site sheds, such as site offices, construction sites, crib rooms, ablution blocks, and accommodation containers for safe transport of the workers.

  • Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have a kinds of tanks that are weather-proof, lightweight, and stackable.These include 10 ft mini containers, 20ft, 40ft high cubes, 20ft side opening, 20ft, and 40ft shipping containers.

  • Dangerous Goods Containers

Workers and construction sites can store hazardous chemicals, powders, liquids, and more in Dangerous Goods containers for safety and security.

  • Tank Container

The SCF has a wide range of tank containers to provide industries with the highest safe and operational characteristics to make your job easier, such as:

  • Iso Tank Container
  • Liquid Storage Containers
  • Franc Tanks
  • Intermodal Containers

SCF has supplied types of containers designed for its intermodal transport, such as:

  • Plate wides
  • Curtain Sides
  • Bulk Containers
  • Skel Trailers, and more.
  • Rapid Deployment Accommodation
    • Trailerised Accommodation offers high quality and quick mobilisation no need for logistics or designing. These are best suited to your rail tracks drilling and roadwork constructions.
  • Mobile Accommodation is wide-reaching for a mining project or transporting drilling rigs and road constructions. They also specialise in accommodations for remote work sites in Australia.
  • Containerised Accommodation

SCF Containerised designs for a semi-permanent project to transport materials to a different location while being secure and weather-proof.

  • Container Modifications

In addition to regular containers, SCF can customize and provide you with special containers for extra transport of your goods and includes 20ft and 40ft containers or mini shipping with a customised unit.

  • Tank Services and Maintenance

Tank Services provides a variety of tank cleaning and repair services to Brisbane and Melbourne, including ISO tank cleaning.