Things to think about in cybersecurity

Things to think about in cybersecurity

Cybercrime is done using computers or laptops or even mobile phones and good internet and networking connection where the hackers leak confidential information about the targeted computer user. This can be an individual or even an organization. Here is personal data like identification documents, governmental or army information, etc. These things are done unlawfully or by intercepting anyone’s computer. In this article, we will be discussing various information regarding the introduction to cyber security.

How much money in the USA gets leaked or faces cyber data breach

Every year, nearly 4.24 billion dollars in the cost of information and money gets cyber breached.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a process of protecting the various systems, whether mobile, computers, or laptops, the programs embedded in them, and the networks your system is connected to, whether it is a Wi-Fi or cable internet connection, from any unknown digital attacks.

What is the purpose of these hackers?

 They usually aim at destroying or transferring the sensitive and confidential information from the company’s or individuals saved items, accounts, social media pictures, or passwords to leak them further on the internet on any social media without any permission or any slight bit of knowledge of the owner or send them to the enemies. There were cases when someone’s research or theory papers were leaked in the name of another student or individual.

introduction to cyber security

When was cybersecurity introduced to the world–

In the year 2000, ways to get rid of cyber threats and implant cybersecurity were introduced by the American Government.

Different Cyber security online courses-

  1. Coursera; introduction to Cybersecurity specialization- a four-entry level course to help you guide your way to a career in cybersecurity. This course contains cyber-attack countermeasures, cyber threat detection and mitigation, and enterprise and infrastructure security. Study time is 9 hours per week for two months.
  2. Harvard cybersecurity; managing risk in the information age- this cybersecurity course covers attack types, risks, mitigation strategies, complaints, and legal issues.
  3. Cybrary introduction to IT and cybersecurity- this course covers network engineering, system administration, forensics, and penetration testing. This course costs $39 per month. Few of the courses in this online system are free.

Types of cybersecurity threats-

  1. Malware- software that gets activated in your system when you click on any malicious link or attachment, making you open the passage for ransomware, virus, etc.
  2. Phishing- in this threat, fake communication or email is given to the receiver where they ask for the credit number to withdraw money from their bank account.

To conclude, cybersecurity is a great career to work in as it helps to protect the system from cyber threats.