Gum Treatment Cost Singapore: Restore Gums Back To Their Original And Healthy State

Gum Treatment Cost

Gums are the tissue surrounding the base of the teeth and the upper and lower jaws. In simple words, the gum is the layer of soft skin that covers the bones present inside the mouth. Gums are often referred to as gingiva in the medical field. Their color, pink, often describes gums’ natural and healthy state. Healthy gums ensure to cover the entire root of teeth and keep them tightly anchored to the jaws. They also create a barrier that protects teeth and other bones from bacterial action. However, different conditions such as smoking, eating junk food, etc., can damage gums. The level of damage determines the gum treatment cost singapore.

Damaged Gums

Gums are susceptible tissue that possesses utmost importance to the teeth and other boney structures it covers. Different human habits such as biting nails, brushing with extreme pressure, grinding teeth, chewing ice cubes, eating unhealthy junk food, and smoking can cause the gums to get damaged. The damaging of the gums consequently provides scope for the damage of teeth by bacteria. This is because gums cover the roots of teeth protecting against bacterial actions. When gums are damaged, it forms cervices between teeth and the layer of gums. This allows bacteria to grow and damage the teeth efficiently. Gum treatment cost Singapore is continuously increasing due to the high number of patients with gum damage problems.

gum treatment cost singapore

Common Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are among the most commonly found diseases in the American population. This is because gums are susceptible layers of tissues that are easily damaged on repetitive and unhealthy actions similar to those stated above. Also, the irritation and discomfort in gums that occur as the initial symptoms of any disease are widely ignored. This results in extreme pain on complete or partially complete damaging of the gums. Some of the common gum diseases are discussed below:

  • Gingivitis is one of the most common gum diseases in the whole American population. Records suggest that approximately 50% of the population suffers from this disease. This disease is a mild form of periodontal disease. The main symptoms are irritation, redness, and swelling in the gums.
  • Periodontal Disease- If gingivitis is left untreated for a significant period, it leads to periodontal disease. It is a type of severe gum infection that can even destroy jawbones if left untreated.