Some steps of Medication Safety in Hong Kong

Some steps of Medication Safety in Hong Kong

Due to the scope of prescription use in patient safety and the intensity and frequency of possible harm, medication safety, described as the liberty from injury or accident due to health care or medical mistakes during the medication reconciliation, appreciates the same priority. Medication safety and security precautions are critical in preventing bad effects, overdoses, and death. If a patient is given an opioid or a broad-spectrum antibiotic. The removal of risk increases with the prescribing, dispensing, and drug administration suitable steps to medication safety hong kong hospitals.

Medication Safety Procedures

Patients should be aware that the most innocuous medications can cause severe reactions if combined with some other medications or not taken properly. Patients must follow the appropriate protective measures with all of their medications to maintain security and improve health outcomes: –

  1. Patients must include any medication, over-the-counter, and nutritional supplements they are taking, as some medications can also have bad side effects when combined with the other medications.
  2. Although if they feel good or no longer notice their illnesses, they must strictly adhere to medication guidelines. Many times, patients begin to feel better and discontinue their medications before they are fully recovered.
  3. Properly dispose of any residues or expired medications. For safety and environmental safety reasons, medications must never be tossed away, stored for subsequent use, or flushed away.

Drug safety

The principle of drug safety, also known as “Medication Safety,” is not fresh, especially in the field of wellness in advanced nations. The intensity of drug effects which are procedure emergent, that is, they appear all through treatment but were not prevalent before the procedure, or they worsen during the treatment group compared to the pretreatment, is referred to as drug safety. To progress medication practice and pharmacoepidemiology studies, population-based research on drugs safety hong kong and efficacy is being conducted.

Facts about drug safety

All drugs have adverse effects, but the intensity and extensiveness of their influence vary from mild to severe. The majority of the negative effects are consistent and are listed in the drug leaflets. The significant threat here would be whether they will have a severe negative effect on patients that are using them.


Because it is so important to patients’ health, the drug safety principle has received attention over the last decade. Recent laws emphasise the importance of including this fundamental idea in the acceptance process for new medications as well as the ongoing performance of post-marketing drug assessments.