Understanding the Actual Copper Rewards in Compression Therapy

Understanding the Actual Copper Rewards in Compression Therapy

When copper interacts with oxygen and modifies oxygen molecules, it kills a variety of bacteria. While there has only been one published clinical experiment demonstrating copper’s efficacy, the results — which showed a 58 percent reduction in infection rates — were compelling enough to warrant additional investigation.

The rest of the globe, on the other hand, was all too happy to take advantage of copper’s antibacterial characteristics. Along with tales of copper’s disinfectant capabilities, anecdotal accounts of copper being used for pain relief and wound healing are also circulating. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that copper’s intrinsic benefits are now being used in fabric, particularly for compression garments.

Compression Therapy

 Compression garments are used by athletes to give progressive pressure, increase circulation, and provide greater support for high-impact exercises, or by arthritis patients to improve blood flow. Today is the perfect time to try out our ladies’ compression gloves. A sleeve, for example, is made of highly developed, elastic fabric and is designed to mold around a specific location to aid enhance blood and lymphatic flow. By incorporating copper’s inherent benefits into continuous-wear compression garments, doctors and patients can now improve on a therapeutic product that has long been utilized by doctors and patients to boost performance and speed up recovery.

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Getting the Most Out of It

However, not all compression garments are created equal. Credible brands put a great emphasis on quality and medical knowledge while developing their products. The brand’s compression sleeves are created from a high-quality blend of 88 percent copper nylon and 12 percent spandex, making it one of the highest copper-content goods on the market and providing all-day comfort.

Arthritis Treatment

Wearing copper fit compression gloves as a form of arthritis treatment isn’t a new concept. Many patients with arthritis, for example, wear copper bracelets. The theory is that the copper rubs off on the skin and is absorbed by the body. Copper bracelet manufacturers claim that their products can aid in the regeneration of joint cartilage and hence ease the pain. Copper has inherent antibacterial characteristics, according to the creators, so they can keep your gloves from getting dirty or creating odors.

If your arthritis or copper compression gloves are too tight or too loose, they won’t be as helpful, and you’ll be less inclined to put them on as often as you should. You should also aim to wear them for at least eight hours at a time, rather than just a few minutes at a time.