What can be treated in a women’s health clinic, Singapore?

women's health clinic

A well-woman clinic is intended to make it simpler for women to obtain prompt diagnosis and treatment services for a variety of common problems. In rare situations, if you require a minor operation that necessitates the use of specialised hospital equipment and facilities, theĀ women’s health clinic singapore might refer you to a local hospital.

women's health clinic singapore

The problems that a well-woman clinic treat

  • Period issues treatment: Patients visiting well-woman clinics have a wide range of period difficulties, including heavy and irregular periods, few or no periods, and bleeding between periods.
  • Planning a family: Most well-woman clinics will be able to provide the complete spectrum of contraceptive treatments, such as pill prescriptions or implant or coil implantation. The coil can also be used as a therapy for menstrual cramps.
  • Fertility therapy: If you are experiencing trouble becoming pregnant, a well-woman clinic can do a variety of simple tests to determine the reason for infertility. In some situations, we may recommend you to a reproductive specialist clinic.
  • Sexual issues: A well-woman clinic may see patients with dyspareunia (pain during sex), bleeding during or after sex, or concerns with low or excessive libido.
  • Infections: A well-woman clinic can look at a variety of common illnesses, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, vulval skin disorders, and infections that can cause discomfort or itching in the cervix or vagina.
  • Aesthetic issues: Some disorders, such as skin tags, may not produce symptoms but can still be addressed if you are worried about how they impact your appearance.
  • Cervical cancer screening: Cervical screening for cervical cancer is available to all women between the ages of 25 and 64. This often consists of a smear test and, in certain situations, an ultrasound scan. Some well-woman clinics also provide screening services to younger patients between the ages of 18 and 25, who are not eligible for NHS screening. This is especially beneficial if you have a family history of cancer or other gynaecological issues.
  • Menopause and its complications: At a well-woman clinic, we can explore the benefits and downsides of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause with you and develop a personalised treatment plan for you. We can also examine how to handle associated symptoms and provide suggestions and alternative therapies.


Gynaecologists are women’s health specialists who specialise in the female reproductive system.Obstetrics, pregnancy and delivery, menstruation and reproductive concerns, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone imbalances, and other issues are dealt with. You can find them in the women’s health clinic,Singapore.