Elevating Your Cabinet Designs- A Guide

designer cabinet handles

When you own a home, sometimes it does not come fully furnished, especially if you have just bought it and it is all still bare bones. Once you have started designing and decorating your home, some might find it hard to stop. There are a lot of aspects to this home designing method, but the one that we will focus on the most would be your cabinet designs, so let’s get started:

Choose High-Quality Materials

Choose a harder-to-damage material, such as solid wood, plywood, and other high-quality finishes. It is also important not to use lower-grade materials, which can easily degrade within this period.

Using high-quality materials for your cabinets means you will benefit from durable cabinets that will last a long time. Additionally, you could choose to get designer cabinet handles to elevate the design and make it stand out from the normal ones.

Add Architectural Details

To enhance the level of the cabinet design, go for details such as trim, panels, inlays, etc. Shaped legs, brackets, and high crown molding create living dynamics and provide additional aesthetic appeal. Sleek and distressed finishes and glazes also enhance the depth of the material and its appearance.

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Search for Innovation and Experiment

The contrast and the use of color all make cabinetry pop in a strategic and balanced way. Black and brown stains and the contrast between the cabinets and islands highlight each feature. Softer options such as gel stains allow you to invent ingenious shades of blue, green, and red cabinets. Use of non-traditional combinations of color as it provides an up-to-date look.

Incorporate Storage Innovations

Go beyond the basics with sliding shelves, spice racks, tray dividers and more innovative storage features as part of your cabinetry plan. Efficient organization minimizes things that may clutter the place while optimizing the remaining space in the room.

Backsplash and Hardware Details

In closing up the project, complement the backsplashes and hardware with the backsplash and hardware. Subway tiles, marble slabs, or mosaic sheets offer a great statement on the backsplash’s design. Statement hardware such as black iron pulls, antique brass knobs or even glass cabinet door knob pulls to complete your exquisite cabinet idea.


That said, we hope this guide provided some ideas and tips to help you improve your cabinet designs. If it did, remember these tips when you are or will be renovating in the near future!