HDB team experts that are extremely competent and well-trained

HDB team experts that are extremely competent and well-trained


Your HDB apartment needs further care. When it comes time to remodel your home, it is essential that you deal with a hdb approved contractor that has a solid reputation in the renovation industry. Choose an HDB-registered contractor, and you may be sure that the refurbishment will be completed according to specifications. Before making your final decision, bear in mind that cheaper does not always equate to higher quality.You’ve been thinking about remodeling your home for a while now, and after doing some research and meeting with a few selected contractors, you’ve decided to go ahead and hire the contractor of your choice.

A licensed contractor is recommended for perfect work

Before signing the documents, there is one very essential thing you should know. If you live in an HDB apartment, you should choose a contractor who has been approved by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).The idea of renovating your HDB apartment is a thrilling one. Rather than just purchasing new furniture and painting the walls, this is your opportunity to completely redesign and rearrange your living area to fit your requirements and tastes better.

It may also be a living nightmare if you choose a dodgy remodeling company that does shoddy work and then hits you with an excessively high cost after the project.Alternatively, you might have hired an unskilled contractor who made the error of plastering your ceiling, resulting in you being subjected to an expensive repair order from the authorities.

hdb approved contractor

Contractors who are not registered are not always contractors that do poor work. HDB registered contractors, on the other hand, have completed the required training, which has provided them with the essential knowledge base to avoid harming the building structure or adversely impacting the neighboring flats.

Apart from a rigorous screening procedure, contractors who collect a specific number of demerit points for breaking HDB regulations risk having their HDB license revoked. Take a look at what it takes to be an HDB-licensed contractor to get a sense of the kind of contractor you’re dealing with:

  • The contractor must successfully finish the HDB’s training course before being hired.
  • To qualify, the contractor must have at least three years of experience and actively engage in the remodeling industry. Additionally, the business must have been registered with the ACRA for a minimum of one year.
  • The business must have been in its possession for at least one year for the contractor to be eligible.
  • The organization’s track record should be spotless.


From the beginning of the requirements phase to the end of the development phase, you are given a personal expert consultant to supervise and tailor all solutions to meet your specific requirements.