Difference between condo living and house living matters a buyer a lot:

rentals remain vacant frequently:

When comes to the comparison between buying condos and houses, buyers’ attention matters. Condos are gained such great fame in the market today. Of course, individual houses do occupy a significant role in buying them in bulk. Condos are less expensive compared to houses but in some cases, if you want luxurious condos, the cost might differ. But in this trending world, condos like freehold condo in west singapore have a great demand due to their inadequate benefits compared to living in large houses.

condo rentals remain vacant frequently:

Let’s see some basic pros and cons of living in condos differs from living in houses:

  • You know living in condos like freehold condo in west singapore is a great way of living within a community. So, you don’t worry about living in condos in a single private place. You may find lots of neighbors in the name of several individual units in that overall condo community. Similar to houses, you will find swimming pools, gyms, and whatnot. You will also be engaged in the periodic meetings arranged by that respective HOA condo community. In this regard, you have the possibility of building up more friends as you are living in a condo community. At this point, if you are an introvert and don’t want to live with your neighbors in this condo living, then this kind of condo living is not preferable.
  • But when comes to living in houses, individually you will be having not only privacy but also if you don’t want to make friends, this is the best choice. Nowadays having good neighbors is a great thing and of course, it’s a blessing. Because most of the people want good neighbors besides their houses or condos. If you want to move somewhere, then your neighbors will keep an eye on your condo and assure you. Here coming to the point, it’s more difficult to handle some issues alone. If you cant handle any such cases, then condo living is the best choice rather than living in houses.
  • Condo living is a kind of living with its respective HOA set of rules and regulations. Sometimes it sounds disgusting too. But in the name of security, it’s ok to reside in condos. When comes to living in houses, you have to bear all kinds of issues even though you planned your house in a gated community. Of course, privacy and unnecessary noise from your neighbors are extremely very less and suits for less talkative people.


Based on your nature and your requirement, choose the form of living either in condos or houses. If you are not having enough knowledge on buying condos or houses, then try to seek the advice of realtors or references.