Learn everything about cut resistant gloves

Do you work with sharp tools? Then you need some protective gear to save your hands from hazardous situations. Cut-resistant gloves can help you in keeping your hands while working. You need to know various types and parameters before buying them to choose the best gloves that suit your need. This article has mentioned everything about cut resistant gloves and their types to select the best that fulfills your requirement.

What are cut resistant gloves?

The cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect the user’s hands from sharp objects & tools while working. They are made of cut-resistant fabrics that can withstand slashing or cutting action. There are various types of these gloves depending on the material used to make the gloves and serve different purposes, so for getting suitable gloves for yourself, first, you need to understand the types of cut-resistant gloves.

Types of Cut resistant gloves


They protect you from scrapping as they are punctured proof.

Metal Mesh

They are made of rings of stainless steel. Metal mesh gloves are self-adjustable with no strap to fasten. It is commonly used in food applications such as meat and poultry application.

Knitted gloves

They are the usual cut-resistant gloves made from different materials knitted together. The cut protection provides other cut-resistant materials such as Kevlar, HPPE, Spectra, steel wire, PVA, and fiberglass yarns.

The regular ones are used for protection from cardboards or lighter tools. The Kevlar and spectra are used in the kitchen and automobile sectors.


They are made of metal mesh and used for protection from sharp knives and sharp tools.

Different levels of cut resistant gloves

The levels of cut-resistant gloves are determined by ANSI (American Nationals Standards Institute) for safety standards. The stories are based on how much a glove can withstand sharp objects before being punctured.

ANSI A1: can withstand 200-499 grams

ANSI A2: 500-999 grams

ANSI A3: 1000-1499 grams

ANSI A4: 1500-1999 grams

ANSI A5: 2000-2999 grams

ANSI A6: 3000-3999 grams

ANSI A7: 4000-4999 grams

ANSI A8: 5000-5999 grams

ANSI A9: 6000+grams

The A1 level is ideal for paper cuts and material handling.

The A2 and A3 levels are ideal for wearing while working in warehouses and construction sites.

The A4 level is ideal for glass handling, metal handling, electrical assembly, and dry-walling.

The A5/A6 levels are ideal for use while working with sharp metal stamping, metal recycling, heavy metals handling, and the meat industry.

A level more than A7 is ideal for steel cable handling and use in the oil gas industry.


The cut resistant gloves have different types and materials which offer different safety standards that you need to be aware of to select the right kind of gloves that will secure your hands while working.