The importance of Buying Pet grooming supplies

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Pet grooming plays a vital part in the healthiness and wellbeing of the pet, which can also improve the pet’s life span. Most importantly, it is also important to buy the best pet grooming products and supplies from a reliable pet shop in Hong Kong. Daily grooming is required in order to ensure the pet comfortable and healthy. some of the reasons for grooming include:

  • monitoring of the pet’s health by checking lameness, cuts, swelling, heat or changes in temperament
  • general cleanliness of the pet
  • to make the pet look pretty and to decrease the chance of several health problems, such as scratches, thrush and skin problems
  • forging of a closer bond between the owner and the pet

Care of nails and coat (physical maintenance) is one of the basic needs of the pet. Do not forget the grooming equipment, when choosing the general supplies. Grooming supplies are mandatory in order to keep up the grooming needs of the pet. You can check out the best hong kong pet shop supplies here.

hong kong pet shop

  • Brushes and combs:

Wide range of brushes are available in the hong kong pet shop market in order to meet the various hair types of the pets. Choosing a comb or brush that suits your pet is not a difficult task.  Different types of brushes and combs available in the market are:

Bristle brushes is most suited for all hair types and work well, and may vary from long to short and soft to firm.

Slicker brushes work better on medium to long-haired pets and is used to break up mats and tangles.

Mat breakers and rakes are best for severe mats and tangles.

In order to detect fleas, flea combs are used.

Wire pin brushes work best with medium to long hair pets (especially dogs).

In order to remove excess hair from the breeds which are double coated and reduce shedding, shedding tools that have special teeth are preferred.

  • Nail trimmers:

Use of the right tools and knowledge of the proper techniques help to ease this process, as it can be stressful.Types of trimmers: Claw-style Trimmers, Scissor-like Trimmers, and Guillotine Trimmers.

  • Shampoos:

When using a right shampoo, pets will be much more effective. Soap free shampoos are preferred most and some of the common varieties include:

Natural shampoos (which are chemical free)

Oatmeal shampoos (designed to soothe)

Tear-free shampoos (to protect the eyes of the pet during baths)

Medicated shampoos (mostly prescribed by the veterinarian)

  • Ear care:

Often over looked ear care is also important, besides maintenance of nails and hair. Cotton-tipped swabs are not recommended and most of the medications related to ear may be prescribed by the veterinary professional.

  • Hair clippers:

Not all pets need haircuts, only the pets with medium length hair may get the benefit from shave downs. Electric clippers are used, to give pets a uniform cut.

Groomers also provide additional options like painting nails as well as coloring the pets.