Vital factors to consider before buying a swing set

Vital factors to consider before buying a swing set

One of the delights of childhood is having a backyard swing set. These fascinating playsets range from simple chain link swings to intricate playsets with jungle gyms, ropes, and wave slides that give hours of outdoor enjoyment for youngsters. Here are vital factors you must consider before you buy a swing sets online:

Decide whether you want to utilize wood, metal, or plastic for your project.

First, determine whether your swing set’s frame will be made of wood, metal, or plastic. For a backyard swing, wood is the finest option, but not all wood is created equal. Consider Con-heart Redwood or Northern White Cedar for strength, natural resistance to decay and insects, and the fact that neither requires additional staining to protect the wood from the weather when building a swing set.

Carefully calculate the size of your backyard

Next, thoroughly measure your backyard to ensure that you know exactly how big the set will be and that it will fit inside your yard’s boundaries. Any swing set should have a 6′ buffer zone around it, and if you don’t measure properly, you could end up with a set that violates a homeowner’s association’s requirements or one that infringes on a neighbor’s or town’s land. Also, trim tree branches and bushes thoroughly before installation so that no hanging limbs or thorny stems get in the way during building or when children are playing on the swing set.

buying a swing set

If money is tight, go for the basics.

Unless money is no object, the easiest way to get started with a swing set is to buy a basic wood frame that can be expanded later. Most wood sets are built to allow you to add ropes, tire swings, and wave slides as you go along, but metal and plastic sets rarely have upgrade choices that will enable you to add ropes, tire swings, and wave slides as you go along.

Prioritizing safety should be a top focus.

When purchasing a swing set, safety should be a major consideration, and there are several areas to consider when evaluating hardware, accessories, and attachments. Look for swing sets with rounded edges whenever possible. Hard, flat edges will scrape and splinter with time, putting small toddlers in danger. Hardware that is recessed should be required. Bolts protruding from the set are a recipe for disaster since they can catch clothing and rust over time when exposed to the outdoors, making your set a liability.


Finally, always look for and request manufacturer testimonials before you buy swing sets online. If a swing set builder can’t give you a positive evaluation of their set, it’s a good sign they don’t have any, which should raise an immediate red flag. Do your research on any manufacturer you’re thinking about buying from by looking at their website for feedback and completing your consumer report searches to learn everything you can about a specific brand, accessory, or manufacturer.